Bellevue Brewing Company

Opening Day

Opening Day

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Today marks the first day of operations for the Bellevue Brewing Company.

Since the founding of our beloved city on March 31, 1953, Bellevue has existed without a locally-owned brewery. In this day and age, with craft beer exploding with double-digit growth in multiple markets nationwide, this is an almost unfathomable thought…but it’s true.

It’s also the reason that John Robertson, a Bellevue Native, and his business partner Scott Hansen, founder of Leavenworth Biers, got together to change the course of Bellevue’s future. Together with Head Brewer, Tony Powell, John and Scott are about to start writing a new history for Bellevue. Tony’s award-winning recipes and his goodnatured approach to brewing and interacting with people are sure to be well received and put Bellevue on the craft beer map.

Also at the helm is Chef Rick Lowell, a wonderfully creative culinary artisan with a passion for pairing beer, wine, and cider with simply prepared, delicious foods. Rick’s classical French training and 30+ years as an executive chef will bring a certain measure of balance and order to the explosive craft beer scene in a way that will allow guest to enjoy the convenience of world-class beer alongside a truly mouthwatering menu.

Situated in a 12,000 square foot light-industrial center, this humble beginning is a new thing for Bellevue. Away from the traffic, parking hassles, and pretense of the downtown core, the BBC will be an oasis of craft beer, great food, community, and brotherly love.

Come and be part of history, stake out your spot at the bar, and make the BBC part of your history as well. We’ll have a spot waiting for you!