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New Beers

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New Beers!

We released our Cascadian Dark Ale (“CDA”) as part of our Brewer’s Series to the applause of many customers and also industry insiders; SIP Magazine awarded this beer the ‘Best of the Northwest’ and we were sincerely flattered.

We followed the CDA with a Pale Ale in our Seasonal Series lineup and it, too, resonated wildly with our customers and wholesale accounts. In fact, it almost outpaced sales of our wonderfully balanced India Pale Ale (“IPA”)! We decided to rename it “425 Pale Ale™” and then trademarked it as well. We have now increased our Flagship beer lineup to include the 425 Pale Ale, bringing out total Flagship beers to five (5).

Next up in the Brewer’s Series was the release of our Rye Pale Ale. This took home a bronze medal from the Washington Brewer’s Festival, which was completely unexpected and a great surprise. The Rye Pale Ale turned out to be a wonderful crossover beer for those that like Pale Ales but find IPAs too hoppy. Sessionable, smooth, and refreshing were some of the comments we received from customers.

Our next Seasonal Series beer was an absolutely amazing Belgian WitBier. Brewed with spices from three continents, this beer hit everyone the right way. Many Blue Moon® and Hoegaarden® fans found this beer to be solid, balanced, and a notch above their other mass-produced Witbiers in the marketplace. And, no one had to fly to Belgium for a taste!

A gorgeous Blonde Ale replaced the Rye Pale Ale as our next Brewer’s Series beer and we found this beer to be the crossover beer that we’d been seeking. Hundreds of Coors Light® and Bud Light® drinkers are now slowly being weened off their mass-produced beer and welcoming flavor back into their beer experience. Talk about gratifying!

A sumptuous Brown Ale has replaced the Belgian WitBier and the feedback we’re receiving is humbling. This is a wonderful, complex beer just in time for the cooler evenings of August and richer foods. Malty, caramel flavors punctuated by just a whisper of hops, subtle coffee notes, and just a mention of filberts.

Next up is a Fresh Hop Ale in September followed by a to-be-announced high-gravity winter style that will be sure to keep away Jack Frost! It could be an Imperial Stout, or it could be a Double IPA…or something else! We’ll have to wait and see what head brewer, Tony Powell, has in store for us!