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The BBC was founded with a singular, charitable goal to support children. Children represent the future and, therefore, the very best investment anyone could make.

We achieve our charitable goals by producing and then selling our amazing beers through various distribution and retail channels, participating in numerous festivals and events throughout the year, donating large amounts of beer to not-for-profit entities, and partnering with significant social and media organizations.

Working through dozens of agencies each year, we provide support and visibility for a wide variety of services and programs that currently support children throughout the greater Puget Sound region. As we grow as a company and our distribution range increases, we will naturally expand our charitable support to include those new markets.

Our charitable and sponsorship activities are simple and laser focused: working through reputable, third party organizations, we help children to feel a sense of accomplishment, love, and community. The organizations through which we work are dedicated to: 1) creating safe environments for children, 2) helping children access and receive healthcare and nutrition, 3) supporting academic achievement, and 4) creating opportunities for children to develop their full potential as they enter adulthood.

Download A Personal Copy Of Our Charitable And Sponsorship Guidelines. Or, Send Us An Email With Any Questions.

Our Community Partners

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