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Doubling Down, Bottling More – 2013 and Beyond!

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2013 was quite a year!

Last year, we brewed 1,305 barrels of delicious beer comprised of five (5) flagship styles and seven (7) seasonal styles,  as well as multiple cask and barrel-aged versions of these styles.  We also began distributing a combination of flagship and seasonal styles in draught and bottled formats through our distributor, Click Distributors, and even managed to double our cellar capacity near the end of December.

We’re now poised to brew more than 3,000 barrels this year and will soon be placing an order for an additional twelve (12) tanks, which will push our brewing capacity beyond 10,000 barrels in 2015.  We owe all of this good news and amazing growth to our beloved taproom guests and all the craft beer fans enjoying our beers throughout our distribution network.  For all that you helped us to accomplish in 2013, we thrust a pint skyward and offer a most sincere THANK YOU!

Our food program got off to a very solid start in 2013, and we have just hired a new executive chef, Travis Lamb, to take our menu to the next level.  In April, we’re completely revising our menu to include seasonal offerings as well as weekly specials.  However, don’t worry, we’ll do our best to keep as many favorites on the menu as possible.  Variety is the spice of life, right?!  If there’s a menu item that you really, really enjoy, please let us know!

Our growth and sales in 2013 allowed us to donate more than $5,000 worth of beer and cash toward the Bellevue School District and local charities that are dedicated to serving children.  In 2014, and every year going forward, this number will continue to grow.  With your help, we can accomplish great things by supporting the youth in our community!  Again, thank you.

This week, we brewed a new beer, a Triple Wheat IPA, which is sure to be a favorite with hopheads and aficionados alike.  Keep on the lookout for it in the taproom and in limited market circulation around mid-April.  Other beers scheduled to be brewed this year include a Malt Liquor and a Rye IPA, among others.  And, expect to see more barrel-aged and cask offerings as we continue to build these programs as well.

That’s it for now…more news to come soon!


First Anniversary Party

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Join us at the BBC this Monday, December 23rd from 4:00pm to 9:00pm, for our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY party complete with great beer, delicious food, and raffles!

It’s hard to believe but we’ve been cranking out award-winning beers and great food for a year…almost 1,400 Barrels worth!  Whoa!  It’s been a huge amount of work but equally rewarding to see all the smiling faces from near and far come to visit our taproom and help put Bellevue on the craft beer map.  Gosh, it only took Bellevue 60 years to welcome a locally-owned brewery to town!

Thank you for all of your kindness and support throughout 2013.  We look forward to new, amazing beers and providing great food and service to you in 2014.  Here’s to many more years of great beer to come!

Cheers to you and we’ll look forward to seeing you on Monday!

Our Labels

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beer labelsOur labels are designed, approved, and ready for bottling next month! In late August, we’ll be rolling out our IPA, Oatmeal Stout, and ESB in 22oz bottles that will find their way to quality grocers in the area in addition to the better, local bottle shops. A few may find their way down to Portland, who knows?! We’re also going to bottle our 425 Pale Ale™ as well as several Brewer’s and Seasonal Series beers throughout 2014. We’ll keep you posted!

The decision to bottle our beers was preceded by a focused effort to find what we believed would be the best distributor to meet our distribution goals. For us, that distributor turned out to be Click Distributors. Companies are no better or worse than their employees and we just couldn’t find a weak link over there at Click, and we’re delighted to be associated with such a wonderful group of individuals.

Here are our labels. Cool, huh?!

Watch for them in Puget Sound area stores in early September!



New Beers

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New Beers!

We released our Cascadian Dark Ale (“CDA”) as part of our Brewer’s Series to the applause of many customers and also industry insiders; SIP Magazine awarded this beer the ‘Best of the Northwest’ and we were sincerely flattered.

We followed the CDA with a Pale Ale in our Seasonal Series lineup and it, too, resonated wildly with our customers and wholesale accounts. In fact, it almost outpaced sales of our wonderfully balanced India Pale Ale (“IPA”)! We decided to rename it “425 Pale Ale™” and then trademarked it as well. We have now increased our Flagship beer lineup to include the 425 Pale Ale, bringing out total Flagship beers to five (5).

Next up in the Brewer’s Series was the release of our Rye Pale Ale. This took home a bronze medal from the Washington Brewer’s Festival, which was completely unexpected and a great surprise. The Rye Pale Ale turned out to be a wonderful crossover beer for those that like Pale Ales but find IPAs too hoppy. Sessionable, smooth, and refreshing were some of the comments we received from customers.

Our next Seasonal Series beer was an absolutely amazing Belgian WitBier. Brewed with spices from three continents, this beer hit everyone the right way. Many Blue Moon® and Hoegaarden® fans found this beer to be solid, balanced, and a notch above their other mass-produced Witbiers in the marketplace. And, no one had to fly to Belgium for a taste!

A gorgeous Blonde Ale replaced the Rye Pale Ale as our next Brewer’s Series beer and we found this beer to be the crossover beer that we’d been seeking. Hundreds of Coors Light® and Bud Light® drinkers are now slowly being weened off their mass-produced beer and welcoming flavor back into their beer experience. Talk about gratifying!

A sumptuous Brown Ale has replaced the Belgian WitBier and the feedback we’re receiving is humbling. This is a wonderful, complex beer just in time for the cooler evenings of August and richer foods. Malty, caramel flavors punctuated by just a whisper of hops, subtle coffee notes, and just a mention of filberts.

Next up is a Fresh Hop Ale in September followed by a to-be-announced high-gravity winter style that will be sure to keep away Jack Frost! It could be an Imperial Stout, or it could be a Double IPA…or something else! We’ll have to wait and see what head brewer, Tony Powell, has in store for us!

Thanks to everyone for supporting the BBC

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Our first 90 days have been a blur of handshakes, beers, smiles, laughter, and great food. Lots of compliments and praise for founding the brewery have been shared by dozens of people visiting the taproom and online as well. It’s gratifying to know that we’re doing things right and making people happy. Our beers are consistently highly rated online and our sales are evidencing as much as well.

Self-distribution is expanding around the sound and we are in talks to sign with one of the areas best distributors. Labels are also being designed for our 22oz bottled product that will soon grace local grocery stores and bottle shops in early June. 12oz six-pack cans will hit the marketplace near the middle of July, which will be great news for rafters, campers, beach-goers, golfers, hikers, and everyone else that can’t bring bottles of our delicious beer where they’re headed!

Two new fermentors have been ordered that should be built and arrive around August, which will take our production from 3,000 barrels up to 5,000 barrels by the end of the year. Another two fermentors will be added during second quarter 2014 taking us to 7,000 barrels.

Thanks to everyone for supporting the BBC. We appreciate it more than we can express and we’ll continue to work hard to earn your trust and respect.

Happy New Year!

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We wanted to take a moment to thank everyone that came out to support us in the very early days and now into the new year. 2013 is sharing up to be a very big year for the BBC.

In addition to our Signature Series (IPA, ESB, Scotch Ale, and Oatmeal Stout), we’ll be brewing a Cascadian Dark Ale as our “Brewer’s Series” and what’s sure to be a fabulous Pale Ale as our “Seasonal Series” as well.

A lot is in the works here at the BBC. Stay tuned for updates on beer, our menu, and the various events that we have planned for 2013!

Opening Day

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Today marks the first day of operations for the Bellevue Brewing Company.

Since the founding of our beloved city on March 31, 1953, Bellevue has existed without a locally-owned brewery. In this day and age, with craft beer exploding with double-digit growth in multiple markets nationwide, this is an almost unfathomable thought…but it’s true.

It’s also the reason that John Robertson, a Bellevue Native, and his business partner Scott Hansen, founder of Leavenworth Biers, got together to change the course of Bellevue’s future. Together with Head Brewer, Tony Powell, John and Scott are about to start writing a new history for Bellevue. Tony’s award-winning recipes and his goodnatured approach to brewing and interacting with people are sure to be well received and put Bellevue on the craft beer map.

Also at the helm is Chef Rick Lowell, a wonderfully creative culinary artisan with a passion for pairing beer, wine, and cider with simply prepared, delicious foods. Rick’s classical French training and 30+ years as an executive chef will bring a certain measure of balance and order to the explosive craft beer scene in a way that will allow guest to enjoy the convenience of world-class beer alongside a truly mouthwatering menu.

Situated in a 12,000 square foot light-industrial center, this humble beginning is a new thing for Bellevue. Away from the traffic, parking hassles, and pretense of the downtown core, the BBC will be an oasis of craft beer, great food, community, and brotherly love.

Come and be part of history, stake out your spot at the bar, and make the BBC part of your history as well. We’ll have a spot waiting for you!